My Kind of Chef: Cha Seung Won

by - March 01, 2015

I was channel-surfing two weeks ago, can't decide between a korean movie Miss Granny or Three Meals a Day over at M Channel. I thought it was a series where Taecyon is a mainstay hoping to see him there. But then i was amazed when I saw Cha Seung Won, one of my favorite oppa, (i have lots believe me!) and they are in a fishing village and he's with another great K-actor Yu Haejin. 

It's so nice to see Cha oppa in a different setting. He cooks, cleans house and he wants everything clean and organize. I didn't know he had it in him. His wife is so lucky. Also, he's so sweet with his daughter when he talked to her over the phone. Must be missing her a lot. 

What i love the most about is the funny interaction between Haejin and Cha. They really look like husband and wife, in fact Seungwon earned the title of Cha The Housewife in this series aside from Cha Chef.

I learned that Jang Geun Seuk was supposed to be included in this series but because of his tax scandal, no one knows whether he was the one to leave or he was asked. It could have been great with the three of them but Son Hojun makes up for him. I love that episode when Sanche, their cute, adorable puppy mascot left Haejin once Hojun appears on the scene. You can totally see Haejin disappointment over this.

Will be waiting for more funny episode of Three Meals a Day Fishing Village.

This is the original poster of Three Meals A Day Fishing Village with Jang Geun Seuk.

Latest News: Three Meals A Day Fishing Village achieved highest ratings.

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