Made in Candy

by - March 29, 2015

I was at one of my favorite place, Rockwell, just walking when i saw this candy kiosk. At first i was just admiring this cute little jars filled with candies of different colors. And then they started making candies right in front of me and i was fascinated. The girl told me they are called Candy Artisan and the candy they were creating that moment is a lemon-flavored one. I saw how they prepare he syrup, poured in the table and put the lemon flavor. And then they started pulling, dividing and shaping again and again and then they started cutting it up. They let me have a free taste. Wow, the lemony taste just burst in my mouth and i never imagine that that little piece of candy is just so full of flavor. And its the first time i ate a candy while its still hot. I can't wait to try all their other flavors.

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