In Desserts Heaven: The Love Desserts Experience

by - March 03, 2015

Beneath this sign is the door to a place that gets my heart beating faster and my adrenaline going. Upon entering you will feel right at home with their cozy decors and low key atmosphere, but of course the difference is that in our home it does not have a table in the middle groaning full of desserts. At Love Desserts that is the area where your eyes will automatically zeroes in.

For many of us, dessert is what we want at the end of meal and you will be glad to know that it is available at Love Desserts from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM and at only 199 pesos, dessert all you can. The first and the original Dessert Buffet in the country, it opens their Pearl Drive Center, Fairview last February 14, 2015 just in time for Valentines Day, They have another branch at Banawe.

At first, you will be overwhelmed by the sight of so many sweets: cakes, ice creams, cookies, halo-halo, puddings, mousse, fruit jelly, crepes, etc.; that my wont is to take photos of everything. 

But the call of that delectable cakes, especially my favorite Brazo de Mercedes is too strong to resist. That first bite of Brazo de Mercedes is just yummy. A melt-in-your-mouth cake that doesn't leave an eggy aftertaste and more chewy than what i'm used to. It was hands down the best Brazo i have eaten. It was only when i get home that i realized i haven't taken a photo of that Brazo de Mercedes among others!

They have eclairs, cream puffs, macaroons, mini eclairs, choco yema squares, choco leche, rainbow brownies, mini cupcakes, different flavors of mouse, puddings, tiramisu, halo-halo and even champorado, empanadas and palitaw.

They also have cakes available for orders and take-outs.

And this is another favorite,the Rainbow Cake.

We were told that they have their own commissary where they bake their cakes, that is why they cake doesn't have that"manufactured" run-off-the mill taste. Its moist and superb.

One thing that i noticed and it looks kind of different is that flaky crisps which i thought looks like  fried Lumpia wrapper and it turns out i was right, it is. They told me that it's NACHOS, with the usual cheese, tomatoes, and sauce. And when i tried it was simply delicious. I should advice Love Dessert though, they shouldn't serve much of it since i found out for myself that it's "pampawala ng umay".  Just kidding. :-)

After eating this, i find myself making my own Cookies Strawberry Ala Mode and a Blueberry Peach Crepe which deserve another blogpost.

After two hours, it gets to a point where the sight of those cakes just makes my stomach want to give in. And if this is war, desserts vs you, you may just want to throw that white flag up. Maybe its time for another nachos... But my new-found friends decided to try their chocolate and strawberry milkshakes and their Tuna Sandwich. Yes, they also offers sandwiches and rice meals and if you don't want the dessert all you can, they have individual orders too. 

I observed the flow of people entering the place and some even willing to wait outside considering this Fairview branch is much bigger than the Banawe branch. It has a seating capacity of 42 people and they could turn it into 60, still people keep coming and going. The two-hours limit for the customers seem so long (for me).

I greatly appreciate their very affordable price. It makes me wonder, do they have profit for this kind of scheme? One word of advice: Go and try everything here.  

I'm giving them extra stars for their super friendly service, especially to the staff, Fairview Branch Manager Miss Emily Ballesteros and handsome Owner, Mr Jansen Kho Yu.

And one last thing, when you pay your bill, they have this cute, little box where they put your bill.

I would definitely bookmark this place for that bad day, hankering for sweets day feeling where you just need the sight of desserts to make you feel better. Love Desserts = Instant Happiness.

             Fairview Branch: Pearl Drive Center, Fairview
             Banawe Branch: 915 Banawe St. cor G. Roxas St. Quezon City

Special shout out for Ms. Kenny, of one of my favorite blog thank you for my first food tasting, food review.

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