House of Cards Season 3 Exclusive Preview

by - March 04, 2015

I know it's a bit late and i have already watched the 13 episodes of House of Cards Season 3 over at RTL CBS Asia channel. But here's what happened at the House of Cards Season 3 Exclusive First Screening last February 26, 2015 at My Cinema, Greenbelt 3.

Photos by Sky Gavin
A big thanks to RTL CBS Asia Entertainment HD for airing "the complete series in the same way as it premieres in the US" as quoted by Mr. Jonal Engwall, the CEO of RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network. 

The very first screening of House of Cards Season 3 before its worldwide release was a lot of fun. They have a raffle of major prices. Nope, no trip to the US to see Frank Underwood. :-)  First Class snacks from BIZU, complete with wines were also served. As well as popcorn and soda as the first two chapters of Season 3 were shown.

I meet new blogger-friends and saw in person my favorite blogger, chuvaness herself, Ms. Cecile Van Straten (fangirling!)

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House of Cards, is an hour - American political drama series that goes behind the curtain of power, sex, ambition, love, greed and corruption in the 1600 address. It is adapted from BBC mini-series with the same name. It stars Kevin Spacey as President Francis Underwood and Robin Wright as his equally ambitious wife Claire. Who would dare forget this Claire quote:

Spoiler Photos ahead:

House of Cards is developed and produced by Beau Willimon and has earned several awards including the most recent Golden Globes for Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as well as an Emmy. It was also honored as one of the American Film Institute's TV Program of the Year for 2013.

So the big question right now is "Will there be a Season 4?"


There was an interview with Mr. Jonal Engwall, the CEO of RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network and someone asked him during the premiere screening whether they will have a House of Cards, Philippine Edition. I really, really can't imagine it. House of Cards, Malacanang edition. Who would dare?

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