The Search for the Perfect Brow #PerksofaBella

by - February 18, 2015

If i could back in the mid 90's, i will find the person who created the idea of a Belle de Jour perfect power planner and urged them to create one now and not wait many years later, then it could have been perfect! But all the same I've been reaping the benefits of BDJ since 2009 and it has been a good relationship since then.

You could say I'm a Bella with a good "coupon sense" and just last weekend I've used another coupons and decided to go to Browhaus over at Makati and used this coupon.

I love being at Browhaus it's like your inside a boat and the color is fantastic.

So i availed of their browgraphy and the P200 off is just perfect. And this is only one of the #PerksofaBella you can avail. Those coupons let me enjoy the finer things life, thru BDJ coupons, has to offer and make me a smart, savvy shopper, in short, staying on a budget while enjoying all the perks that a true Bella deserves. Don't you just love it?

I know the BDJ booklet is a bit overwhelming and you wanna try everything at once but thanks to this thewanderingarchitect i was able to organize my coupons and how and when i will enjoy it.

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