Photographs and Memories

by - February 20, 2015

I love looking at photograph, especially old photos. I am amazed at how the camera captured that perfect moment and froze it for all time. And when you look at it again, you remember when that photo was taken and how you feel during that time. Same with historical photo, it makes me especially happy to see history and that somehow a part of that era was frozen for everyone to enjoy and look at.

While i was reading this post, i saw two interesting photos that made my day.

Every movie buffs know the MGM logo, a roaring lion which i mimic every time, every time.

And somehow this rare photo surfaced. I can almost see the wariness of the cameraman as they began to shoot. Isn't it fun seeing this?

I remember my father had an album of Beatles, the one where they crossed that Abbey Road, which has been replicated and duplicated by many people who went there. Remember this?

And here's a photo of the Beatles crossing the road in opposite direction.

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