Kiehl's Half-Face Challenge

by - February 23, 2015

Last February 20, i was happy to see my name in a Kiehl's photo post, it turns out I'm one of the Challenge takers for their Half-Face Challenge. So yesterday, I went to Kiehl's SM Aura and one of the staff Ms. May was very accommodating and fun as she helped me in the challenge. 

After the usual interview, she let me try Kiehls Precision Lifting and Pore Tightening Concentrate, a clinically tested serum that restores elasticity for more toned, uplifted skin. She applied it to my half-face and the result, after a few minutes, was amazing. I can feel my skin stretching and becoming firmer. I'm pretty impressed with it especially when she applied another product, the  Super Multi-Corrective Eye Opening Serum around my eye area and showed me how to massage the area with serum.

She then let me try other products which she thinks is appropriate for me. And she gave me a full facial! My skin goes to luminous and hydrated in just a few minutes! Can you imagine if i continue to use these products, even if it means spending lots for this?  

But then you get to look radiant and your skin soft  to the touch. The funny thing is i don't want to wash my face, because it still feel so soft and feels hydrated but then i remember i put on a  BB Cream Actively Correcting and Beautifying and Micro Blur Skin Perfector. So wash i go. Thank goodness i have samples from them. Hoping for more samples :-) Thank again  KiehlsPhilippines.

And lastly, i am excited for this: I really need this what with all the late nights i've been having watching all those Korean dramas...

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