A Mother Knows Best Cristiano Ronaldo

by - January 19, 2015

After 5 years Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk parted ways. And rumor has it that Mama Dolores is somehow involved. It all started when Irina reportedly did not attend Mama Dolores birthday party. Actually she did not want to attend. And then she was MIA at the FIFA Ballon D'Or awarding ceremony well because of work commitments. But when she unfollowed Cristiano Ronaldo's Twitter that was the confirmation the media is waiting for that Cristiano and Irina has indeed broken up. 

Truthfully i never would have guessed that they would last five years and no marriage rumors to boot. And even though there's press that Irina is close to the family of Cristiano Ronaldo, even cuddling photos with Cristiano Jnr many times over, i have yet to see a photo where Irina is chummy with Mama Dolores. It is a known fact that Mama Dolores doesn't like Irina as Cristiano's wife and now she's happy, I'm sure that her son and that girl has broken up.

So who is going to be the next lucky lady for Cristiano Ronaldo? One word of advice be nice first to Mama Dolores... And you should be a suitable mother to Cristiano Jnr.

Thank you Daily Mail for the photos.

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