Top 5 Great Discovery This Week

by - October 19, 2012

I ❤ this week. I found 5 things that gives me several momentary feelings of happiness that i can summon whenever i get the cravings or the urge.

Shi Lin Fried Rice with Pork Chops and Eggs❤
I discovered this authentic Taiwan Resto Shi Lin over at Rockwell and their fried rice is to die for. Take it from me who's cray about fried rice. 
Indonesian Movies❤
I know i've only watched a handful but all of them has been great ones. Comedy, horror, romance. I love them. I just wondered about the Indonesian guys great obssession with Japanese Porn Star Maria Ozawa or Miyabi. Seem so many guys loves her a lot. Click on the picture to watch this movie.
So many things to buy so little time and not enough money.
Happy Lemon Royal Milk Tea with Pudding❤
I love milk teas, any kind but i hate the pearls. I just want to drink happily, i don't want to chew while drinking my favorite tea.

Inexpensive Audrey Hepburn Pillow Case❤
I ❤ Audrey Hepburn, that's why i'm ecstatic when i discovered a place to buy an Audrey Pillow case at a very low price. But i must keep it a secret where i bought this... selfish, i know.

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