Top 5 Things I Miss From My Childhood

by - September 30, 2012

Have you seen my childhood? so sings Michael Jackson. Thankfully, my childhood is not tragic as his and i remember it fondly. I wish i could go back and be as carefree as i was then but all i have are happy memories and these are the five things i miss the most. Oh what pleasure! What Joy!

Star Gazing
I love looking up and see the stars especially Orion, a constellations of stars. Stars then where more nearer than i can remember. And i have a very special spot in the neighborhood where i can do that. Sitting on a wall and basking under the sky.
Playing in the Rain
Playing in the rain makes you so carefree and giddy. But the last time i was in the rain, i was not playing. I was walking under it crying my eyes out because my father just died. I walk to my auntie's house for 15 minutes while it was raining hard...
Street Games
Oh how i love it when it was full moon and we are allowed to play outside. And the next morning we could go out and played more. Eventhough i was 8 years when atari and the game and watch came, we still play outside. And I realised just now why we are so lenient with kids letting them play with psp, wii etc because we are the generations who first tried it and we know the feeling of joy we get from them. It's just so sad we can't prod them to play street games like we used to.
Cloud Watching
Do you remember how blue is the sky? Skyblue is my next favorite color and i love it when it was dawn or sunset because it was the time where you can really see beautiful and majestic cloud formations. It's like being near God.
Kite Flying with My Father
My father taught me how to make kite. All you need is a newspaper, a string, a stick pluck from a broomstick, a paste or a newly boiled rice if you dont have one, and presto you can make a kite. And then he'd tell you to run as far away as possible and then he will release the kite. And up it goes. He will assist me to balance the string and then i will be flying the kite by myself. (I miss my father...)

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