Tim Tebow's Looking for a Girlfriend...

by - September 21, 2012

Hey girlfriends, the most eligible bachelor of the NFL is looking for a girlfriend but checking the list of qualities he looks for in a girl, some of us might fall short of it.

Firstly, she must be pretty and attractive. Check. Check.

Secondly, Sweet and Kind. Check. Check.

Thirdly, she must have a servant's heart. I dunno, what's that?

Fourthly, likes him for being him and not because he's the TIM TEBOW. Hard to do.

And fifthly, the hardest part and the highest standard of all... Reaching the standard set by his mom and two sisters. Got to befriend them. Or not.

See i told you just reading this makes me wanna quit already. You know what Tim, maybe i will just lust after you from afar and when you meet that GIRL, well good for her. Hope she is just around the corner, you picky, picky man!

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