Dark-Hunter Series Transpo # 4 - Chris' Red Hummer

by - September 09, 2012

Wulf Tryggvason nephew Chris Lars Erikkson, the most pampered squire in the Dark-Hunter history, is a college-age young man who drives this Red Hummer. And because he is so protected by his uncle Wulf, him being the last direct descendant and blood relative, he has bodyguards. And coupled with the Hummer, prospective dates think he's a drug dealer. Chris is one of my favorite character and of course, Wulf and Cassandra's story Kiss of the Night is one of my top three favorite in the series.
 The following is some juicy item i've read in the Dark-Hunter Companion:
Chris's claim to fame is a story you'll hear circulating around the Dark-Hunter's watering holes... In a desperate attempts to help his nephew "go forth and multiply", Wulf flew Britney Spears in for Chris 21st birthday. Rumor has it they played Trivial Pursuit all night. Chris won. Britney ate all the birthday cake.
You can read more about Chris here.

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