Things I ♥ This Month

by - August 20, 2012

August is such a hectic month and there's still eleven days left of it. Thank goodness for a four-day weekend, i get to reminisce all the good things i enjoyed lately...

I love, love scented ballpoint pens. I remember having my Bensia scented pens way back in high school. Its so smooth to write and the scent makes me creative. Too bad its no longer in the market but there's another brand available at EverythingSmells - yes, its Scent-Sibles!

I'm lusting after Jeremy Renner nowadays. He is so hot. And i have a mini-Renner movie marathons starting with Thor, Mission Impossible 4, The Avengers and the The Bourne Legacy... Sigh. I wish he comes back here in Manila and this time i'm going to do a little stalking,  stalking in a good way, of course. Not the one that will land me in jail or worst, the courthouse.

I was in General Santos two weeks ago. I've always wanted to eat at this place called Big Ben ever since last year but my office mates switched places with me and i ended up going to Iloilo. But this year, GenSan was meant to be and because of the generosity of the officers of the branch we've visited, we ended up at Big Ben Steaks and Grills for dinner. I was so happy. Too bad the Tuna Salpicao was not available but this meal made up for the one-year cravings i've had...

So whenever you're in Gen San, Big Ben at Robinsons is the place to be...

I love that this month, I've discovered new places to eat. In a place where you cannot expect to find a good Italian resto, i was amazed there is one after getting out of a vandalized elevator inside a shopping mall that has seen better days.Picobello in Davao City is well-known and an officemate took us there for lunch. I've read in a magazine that they have the best pizza in Davao City. We ordered the Rustica Quattro Formaggi (four-cheese) Pizza.It would have tasted good has it been piping hot. I took the leftovers for my trip back to Manila as I'm disappointed with Philippine Airlines biscuit/cracker snack.

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