Andy McDermott is My New Guilty Pleasure

by - August 28, 2012

I was browsing in a bookstore that sold used books when i got hold of this title The Book of Osiris and then i look at the author's name Andy McDermott and i know i haven't heard of him. Then why not try this book i said to myself. I'm a sucker for all things Egyptians or the adventures of an archaeologist because i've always wanted to be one but that is something that did not push thru. A dream shelved. Anyways, i was caught up on the adventure of Dr. Nina Wilde and husband Eddie Chase. The story was kind of a written down  Jerry Bruckheimer or a Michael Bay movie, if you get my drift. You really need to be imaginative or you might end up throwing this book. And now I've caught the Andy McDermott bug. And who wouldn't be excited with this news flash...

But first i have to read all of these:

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