Uh oh! Awkward: The Cringe-Worthy Nuptial

by - June 20, 2012

We've seen the dancing entourage in a wedding, so have you seen the wailer bride who sings her way to the altar? The DM sums it best...

Some couples recite personalised vows on their wedding day. This bride thought belting out a cheesy love ballad as she walked down the aisle was a better way to describe her feelings.

The doors of a small, nearly empty, church fling open to reveal the mystery bride standing alone in a glittery dress, clutching a large microphone.

Within a few seconds, she launches into song, as her groom stands awkwardly at the altar.

...At one point, the bride, clearly considering herself an impressive songstress, gets so carried away with the vocal gymnastics she crouches down, to ensure she hits the right notes.

The couple then finish their walk down the aisle as the bride sings the last, touching line of her heart-felt ballad.

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