Top 5 TV Series I'm Addicted to Right Now

by - June 17, 2012

The television has been my Nanny when i was a child. My mother would left me and my brother in front of TV and voila she could do all the household chores. Watching TV has become one of my past time naturally. Once in a while there's a series that caught my fancy. Many series actually. And right now I'm crazy over these 5 or 6 series and here they are:


There's nothing like seeing on TV antics of the Lords and Ladies of aristocracy and their household help with an intriguing life of their own. It must be nice having someone waits on you and dress you. Or getting dress up for dinner. And that's what Downton Abbey is all about. But of course there's Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew.


I believe that other people's trash may be other people's treasures. And this is what these two shows is all about. Although on the part of storage owners they have no control that their things are being sold for auction. It's either they've been left behind for a long time or their storage time expired. All the same its nice watching these two shows. Yuuuup!


When i first watch this series there's a niggling thought that somehow i know the Cake Boss. And then I've read that the Cake Boss and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Santino Marella are one and the same. Imagine that. I didn't know he could reate those wonderful cakes...


I love TLC and i love candies. And Candy Queen is a prefect watch. Seeing thousands of jelly beans, caramel candies etc is a sight for sore eyes and those creation by Jackie and her team, wow. Simply Wow. You'll get addicted in no tie watching this series.


Sometimes i have a hard time watching this show but then i would be completely amazed at the magic being created in front of me. Imagine paying only 9 dollar for two thousand dollars worth of items. Amazing!

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