Have You Heard of Johnny Depp's New Girl?

by - June 21, 2012

If you love two people, choose the second one. After all, you will not fall in love with the second one if you really loved the first one.
So after 14 years of being together, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have called it off, this time for real. And if rumours are to be believed Vanessa will be one lucky girl as she will be given a $100 million pay off by Johnny Depp.

Their split have been on and off since last year and now it can be told that Johnny has a new girl! And i thought i would be the next girlfriend but Amber Heard beat me to Johnny's heart. And he even bought her a horse. Just my luck... 

Johnny and Amber were together in the film The Rum Diary and it was that time Vanessa and Johhny were rumoured to be separating. So really it was the case of if there's smoke, there's fire and if there's fire... there's Amber ember.

So what can you say of this Scarlet Johnasson look-a-like?

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