Top 5 Things That Fascinates Me

by - November 04, 2011

chinese symbol for fascinating


I love fireworks and i am lucky enough to live in a place where every week the mall near us have fireworks displays. I just love it.

Cotton Candy

The smell of spun sugar always brings back happy memories. And it always fascinates me how the smell could trigger happy moments in exact details.


Papyrus and Papers

I must have been a scribe in my past life. The feel and touch of papyrus fascinates me endlessly. Same with paper. I even have a paper-fetish and just the sight of it invoke awe-inspiring feelings.


Starry, starry nights

Why do we always look up the sky when we try to find answer? Starry nights calms me like no other sight can't do. It's as if I'm reaching for something or someone and there's a certain feeling like you're being watched and you want them to hurry and find you now.


Clouds of Dawn

I love waking up at dawn. It fascinates me how the clouds changes color as light chases away the darkness and the profusion of oranges and pink colors makes the clouds of dawn look majestic. I can almost imagine Egyptian God Ra as he journey towards dawn and how the newborn sun god rise in the sky... Fascinating.

Cloudy dawn off Grand Cayman Island

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