Top 5 Things I Bet You Don't Know About Brit Royalty

by - November 08, 2011

Prince Charles Has His Shoelaces Ironed! Of his three valets, one valet is in charged of ironing his shoelaces!

Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex is a stickler for formalities. His chauffer is always instructed to face the front even if the car is stationary. And be careful in putting up umbrella in his presence, for him there is a correct way to put up or unfurl an umbrella. I wonder how it would look? No wonder he's the last of the siblings to get married... snooty!


Buckingham Palace, the home to the Royals has a cinema in more than the 600 rooms that comprises the Palace. And take note the palace cinema can obtain any film before it is on general release.

Queen Elizabeth loves her chocolate. But be careful when she asked you to have one. You can only pick the chocolate she pointed you to get. And usually its the one with the hard-center. The Queen loves chocolates with soft centers.

When it comes to what you should do or don't when visiting the royals in their home. You should be hint-alert to what is going on. If you're a guest and you hear one of them ask the royal butler if the guest's car has arrived, then it's time to say goodbye.

as read from Not In Front Of The Corgis, by Brian Hoey

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