I'll be back Ilo-ilo!

by - November 04, 2011

Three months ago i was in Ilo-ilo for official travel. I was excited to see Ilo-ilo because finally i get to eat at Moon Cafe, yeah i know lame, but it is one of my purpose there as i cajoled my friend Willa to change places with me in our official travel. I was supposed to go to Gen San but i can go there next time. Beside my trip to Ilo-ilo is long overdue. I really want to see some of their famous old houses.

I love taking the window seat because i love taking pictures from above.

Ilo-ilo Airport is one of the best in the country.

We stayed at Days Hotel Ilo-ilo, a hotel with a mall, grocery, food courts etc...


The view from Days as we partake of their breakfast buffet

This bread makes up for what Days Hotel calls their breakfast buffet offering.

After doing everything official, it's time to explore Ilo-ilo but first stop - Moon Cafe!

Ms. Terry and i ordered their specialty - Fish Melt and Steaks...

The meal was not what i expected but the steaks is quite delicious and at least i get to satisfy my cravings for the fish melt. Had they serve it fast the fish melt must have been yummy. And Ms. Ella the manager apologized when i convey my dissatisfaction.

And off we go around the city. Iloilo has a very rich history and it must have been grander as i look around many of the old houses there. Some were abandoned and some were maintained. I can almost imagine what it must have been like in the past. Fascinating.

Nelly's Garden

Yes you're seeing lambs!

And here are some of the old houses. We didn't get to tour far and our driver told us there are so much more better houses in other towns. That's why i'm coming back to see them.

The Campanaria de Jaro

Inside the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral

Whenever i see a confessional i always think of Noli Me Tangere and Padre Damaso. (Go figure)

I was curious about some of this and i have no one to ask if this is some sort of a place where they bury the dead inside the church.

A half-day touring the city is not enough but we have to fly back home. I'll be back Ilo-ilo. Promise!

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