Top 5 Reasons Why I really, Really Hate Adolf Hitler

by - October 03, 2011

Adolf Hitler may have been dead for 66 years now but the collective consciousness we have of him will always be clouded with hatred - the kind of putrid feeling reserve only to someone who should not have seen the light of day. There may be a hundred reasons why we hate this vilest person who ever lived in the world but i can only summed it up to five reasons.

He started World War II. His aim of invading Poland and the consequent invasion made Britain and France declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939.


He is responsible for the systematic annihilation of as many as 17 million civilians including an estimated six million Jews and the use gassing for the mass killings.

Even Dr. Hodgins of Bones will be horrified to look at particulates from all of these hairs.

My love for shoes has dimmed after seeing this in Auschwitz Gallery of Pictures

His hateful concept of so-called racial hygiene. Hitler's eugenic policies (the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population) initially targeted children with physical and developmental disabilities in a programme dubbed Aktion T4, a name used for Nazi Germany's eugenics-based "euthanasia" program during which physicians killed thousands of people who were "judged incurably sick, by critical medical examination.

This poster (from around 1938) reads: "60,000 Reichsmarks is what this person suffering from a hereditary defect costs the People's community during his lifetime. Fellow citizen, that is your money too."

The Destruction and Bombings of Historical Monuments and Places brought about by Hitler's War...



Monte Cassino Abbey in Italy

The thousands of historical paintings looted and stolen during the war. And to think Hitler is supposed to be painter even though he was rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (1907–1908), because of his "unfitness for painting". He should have known the value and the history that goes beyond every painting. Thank goodness there's a Rose Valland and the Monuments Men who were instrumental in saving a lot of the artworks in Europe during World War II after Hitler and the Nazis had stolen it.

Looted picture of Aleksander Gierymski "Jewish woman with oranges"- 26 November 2010, was found on art auction in Buxtehude near Hamburg in Germany

Raphael's Portrait of a Young Man was looted by the Germans from the Czartoryski Museum in 1939. Its current whereabouts are unknown.

Memorial containing 73 precious relics that had once belonged to Polish royalty.

How many people have rejoiced when they read about this...

Source of Stolen Arts

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