Top 5 Gays You Wish Were Not

by - September 22, 2011

I have nothing against being gay, in fact i have many gay friends and i love them dearly. But sometimes when you see some perfect specimen and they turned out to be gay, you just sigh and wish they were not... like

Filipino Actor Piolo Pascual... although he never publicly admit he's one, persistent rumor of his sexuality seem to be an open secret and i really wouldn't mind if he's one after all he's very decent. It just seem so unfair...

White Collar Star Matt Bomer. Why does he have to be one?

Ricky Martin. I used to have a big crush on Ricky Martin. From Menudo days to his La Copa resurgence. Who would have thought he's gay? Certainly not me although many of my friends insists because most of my crushes always turned out to be one! Oh the unfairness of it all!

Westlife Mark Feehily. I cried when i read he's gay. I like him so much especially when he sing soulfully...

Former Real Madrid's Jose Maria Gutierrez Hernandez or Guti... I can't believe he's gay! But is he? Really? Seriously?!

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