Why Amanda Coling is not Credible

by - July 18, 2011

Slut Girls like Wynnel Amanda Coling give us a bad name. This girl who accused four members of the Philippine NT Football players of gang-rape have been going on as blind items for a month now. No name has been bandied about of who was the girl but there were rumors that the "accuser" herself will come out in hiding to shed light to the truth. And came she did, after a month, by going rounds the talk show circle. Even before she came out, opinions that she brought it upon herself, if the story of rape is to be believe. She was called a slut, whore even before we know who she is. What kind of girl, in their right mind, would place herself in this situation if she doesn't like it. Harsh, i know but let's face, there must be a reason for all this accusation.

The Philippine Azkals have been gaining huge popularity since last year. They are the Men of the Moment. And it doesn't help the fact that majority of them are good looking guys whose Filipino bloods were mixed with European blood. The Filipinos are known for their manic fan behavior mentality. And right now The Azkals are their center of adoration. They're always in the news. And although it's apparent that many fans hardly had a clue of what football is about, they just know they love the Azkals because they're all cute. One good observation is during the second qualifying match against Sri Lanka, Guirido has the ball but you can see that the audience were looking at some of the players, and not at the ball or whether Guirido will complete the play to a goal. They cheer when their favorite player has the ball even if he's far way out to the post. I rest my case here.

The way the Azkals fans attack the girl who accused four members of the team were sort of rabid but many had their points. Is the girl in it for her 15 minutes of fame? Why now? Is there really an evidence? If the guys were videotaping the act, what were her evidence going to be? It would be her word against the poor four guys. And based from the many tidbits that were sprouting about her, she already look like a grasping-attention-seeking-female.

Fact One: She loves "pretending"

Fact Two: Is She really the "Applied Science Graduate of UP" She Purports To Be?

Fact Three: "Mama-san?"

Fact Four" She Loves to be seen with the "It-Guys"

Fact Five: She called herself the "alleged victim". Even she doesn't know whether she was rape or what!

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