We Still Believe Azkals!

by - July 29, 2011

Our 2014 Brazil World Cup dreams may have ended last night but i still believe that the Philippine Azkals are on the right track and we're slowly but surely improving the sports and the many regional tournaments waiting for the Azkals will make them a force to reckon with in the coming months. And only a true Pinoy football afficianados knows this.

I am thankful that we have the Philippines Football NT to show our support and adoration because frankly i envy other countries who have their very own team but now I can relate. I still adopt England and Spain as my favorite World Cup NT but they're now next in line to the Philippine Azkals. So proud of you guys! You have come a long way since i first watched your game on TV, it was in Bacolod like two or three years ago, and it was a cringe-worthy football moments for a football fan like moi! But look where you are now.

Don't mind the haters, the doubters and the critics and those questioning your nationality. All of you are more Pinoy than them and it is truly irksome when some of our countryman easily adopts other personality in the spotlight as being Pinoy when it is often unacknowledged by that person. And those who sacrifice themselves and offer their talent for national pride are being doubted. To hell with those people! Go Azkals, make us more proud!

Here are some of the highlights of the Philippines vs Kuwait, 2nd Leg, Wolrd Cup Qualifiers:




Last 3 photos by GMA's Danny Pata

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