Lovin' It

by - June 17, 2011

It's going to be a long weekend ahead of me and i'm going to enjoy it to the fullest. And as the past few days has been a very rewarding one, let me give you a rundown of what i found very entertaining and the things i love.

I've read this wonderful quote from my favorite Nigella Lawson, cook extraordinare, who at one time also dreamed of writing the great novel of all time - just like me:

I think that what separates novelists from the rest of us is the ability to sit down and write a novel. If i had that, it would have happened by now

Yes, i know the feeling Ms. Lawson, and writing that Great Novel is still on my list.

I think i am seriously addicted to True Crime novels. Can't stop myself from buying and reading it. Do i need help? Hope not, actually all these reading makes me want to enroll in criminal profiling course, just for fun. There is something fascinating about crimes and the minds of the criminal, that's why i also devour watching the Criminal Minds not only because of Shemar Moore, he is so sexy! but because each episode is as fascinating as the cases they tackled. On the other hand, it's also kind of a scary because it made me think that somehow Dr. Spencer Reid, one of the characters, is right in saying that criminals or serial killers are great profilers too. They have the ability to know and separate their victims from the environment and manipulate their fears to make the killing more satisfactory... There are really monsters out in this world. They are just around us.

In one of the article in my new favorite Maven Magazine there is a topic on being single and what the writer says about "The One" and how she "redefined" is interesting:

Your definition of the Right Man will change over time. I promise that you will not be attracted to bad boys for life. The person you are now is different from who you were ten years ago, so naturally the traits of the person that would suit you has changed as well
. She has a point there. Made me think of a quote:
Don't look and wait fro Mr. Right, look for Mr. Right Now

And here is my favorite part, these are the things i've discovered lately and i love, love it!

MUJI Recycled Notebook

Yummy Pan De Bagnet

Scrumptious Hapadog

Vitra Dolls of Alexander Girard

Shiseido Shimmering Rouge in PK407

The GLEE Project. Seriously, we need another Quinn or a Funnier Kurt!

I love their rendition of Katy Perry's Firework.

And my most favorite for this week - Julia Quinn's Just Like Heaven. Yes, the Smythe-Smiths are back (and we fans know how the Bridgerton are somehow close to them) and their youngest have a love story to tell. I'm reserving it for this weekend. Happy reading.

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