It All Ends on July 15, 2011

by - June 11, 2011

I may have profess to loving a vampire but I really am a witch at heart. Thinking that the Harry Potter movie franchise will end this July is like reliving the heartache i felt when i finished Book 7. It's like you're going to, watch this time, how Hedwig died, with really no fanfare at all. You realised she just died suddenly, violently... And then there are the others... So many of them. It's just like JK Rowling became a spree killer on Book 7. But the most haunting death that really made me cried, aside from Lupin and Tonks, were Fred's death. I love the Weasley's and I love Fred the most. Really breaks my heart. I stopped reading for like an hour to calm me. It feels like a death in the family. And now we are all going to watch it onscreen. I wish the movie will just glossed over the death. And so we wait... 33 more days and 18 hours of waiting...


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