Fascinated with Audrey Hepburn

by - June 26, 2011

I have been in awe of Audrey Hepburn since i first saw her in Sabrina. And thus began my lifelong fascination with her and classical movies circa 1950's, the golden years of Hollywood movies. It seem such a far away era and the most romantic for me. Don't you just wish that you could live in that time but only just like in those 50's movies... And i'm daydreaming about it again as i watched Arianna or Love in the Afternoon starring Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper. I don't like Gary Cooper, he seem so old in this movie, Cary Grant would have been great as Frank Flannagan.

And i like this picture of her with a Louis Vuitton suitcases on the corridor of The Ritz. Audrey Hepburn + Louis Vuitton = Simple Class

And i find it humorous that those serenading musicians are always around, even in the steam bath and the end credits.

And of course who could forget the soundtrack... Fascination is such a divine song. I find myself humming it endlessly today. Thought about the first song heard syndrome.

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