Things I Love Thursday

by - May 19, 2011

The summer heat is getting to me and i want to spend all my time at the beach... yeah, i wish. We had a family outing last Saturday and boy we didn't know there was a paradise hidden in our province. Lukang Beach is definitely a paradise!

And everyday after that swim pale into comparison but at least there are still a lot of things which made me smile this week...

Yay! Leo di Caprio is single again (my chance now!)

A new way to propose in public! With this "Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever!!!

Rooftopping. Amazing. The latest craze in photography where someone must go to the tops of the world's tallest buildings, shimmy to the side and then hang off the edge in a bid to capture the perfect picture.

Can't get enough of Potato Artichoke Salad. Yummyness...


This Converse is to die for!

We really need something to make us smile these days what with all doomsayers who says that the world will end this Saturday!!!

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