What Makes a Birkin Expensive?

by - April 07, 2011

Bags are necessary as shoes. I admit i could spend a lot on shoes but i really don't get it what's the fuss all about a high-end bags particularly a Birkin? This famous handbag inspired by actress/singer Jane Birkin has become synonymous with expensive since it was named after her in 1984. A Birkin typically sell for more than $7,000 and the custom made cost more than a small car. So what makes a Birkin cost so much?

"It may cost as much as a small car, but the Hermes Birkin is considered by many to be an 'investment' piece - an item that will remain in style for years, if not decades. Certainly, the style - despite its $7,000 starting price - is popular, with waiting lists of up to three years. 

The lengthy production times were due to a combination of the advanced craftsmanship involved in making the bag, and the limited availability of particular colours or skins. 

Someone from Hermes said 'If someone is looking for a classic Birkin bag - in a regular leather, colour and size - the lead time is significantly lower. It is not and has never been, Hermès intention to create an artificial waiting list. All long lead times experienced by customers are the consequence of capacity limitations or shortage in certain types, sizes or colours of skins. 

Over the last few years, Hermès has embarked on an ambitious program of hiring and training new craftsmen (and women) ... the production is now raising and we are happy to announce a significant reduction in lead time. 

For lucky owners, the sought-after bag will not depreciate in value like a car. Given the wait for a brand new version, second-hand boutiques and auction houses are able to charge a premium. 

As of this time, 419 Birkins are listed for sale on eBay, with prices reaching an eye-watering amount of nearly half a million dollars!

This Birkin by Jane Birkin is being auctioned off for charity...

And this is the most expensive Birkin Handbag - The Hermes Birkin Handbag by Ginza Tanaka pegged at $ 1.9 millions what with the 2,000 pieces encrusted diamonds!

Now i'm wondering what Birkin bag does Philippines' famous celebrity Sharon Cuneta have for it to cost $3 million dollars? Just asking...

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