The Royal Kiss

by - April 29, 2011

Do you know The Shoop Shoop Song? It goes something like this...

Does he love me, I wanna know,
how can I tell if he loves me so?
(Is it in his eyes)
oh no you'll be deceived
(is it in his sighs)
oh no he'll make believe.
If you wanna know
(shoop shoop shoop shoop shoop shoop shoop)
if he loves you so
it's in his kiss
(that's where it is.... oh yeah!)

Knowing what we know about Prince Charles and Princess Diana doomed wedding from the start, i just realized something when i saw the kiss between Prince Charles and Lady Di after the wedding, you can see from the body language that Lady Di was the one with so much emotion and Prince Charles seemed to be holding back a little. (And we know what happened the night of the wedding as Lady Di retold it years later...) No wonder the marriage is doomed.

But when you look at the kiss by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the kiss was passionate and the people love it. I just wish that happily ever after applies to this two. Let's all believe in fairy tale again.

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