The Hair Does It!

by - April 25, 2011

I don't know why i'm preoccupied with someone' hair right now. But i just have to give my opinion on this matter.

Take for example my ex-favorite Fernando Torres. When he have a short haircut, it was downhill for him from that moment. I know it's kind of hilarious, but his lack of form and lackluster performance can be blamed from it. "It's the hair" as my office colleague would say it. And his bad decision started from chopping off his trademark bleached locks. The haircut, the injury, the poor decision to transfer to Chelsea and insulting his Liverpool fans... It really robbed him of his power. And i can go on and on but you might think i'm crazy!

Another case in point is Dr. Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds. There are multitudes of reason why i adore him... he has the cutest smile, he's adorable when he rambles (just like Dr. Sheldon Cooper. For me geeks are sexy. And he is intelligently sexy. He could make glasses and sweater vests as sexy as hell. But i love his long and rumpled hair more. It's so Dr. Reid. I don't like the one he's sporting like now. He looks so mature. Eeek! Bring back the old Reid!

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