Freaky Friday: Kapre

by - April 29, 2011

When we were children our elders used to threaten us with Kapre or a mythical creature almost synonymous with a tree demon but not like the Ents in the Lord of Rings. It is our own unique creature and many could attest to have seen one in their lives.

Kapre is tall,usually between 7 to 9 ft tall, brown, hairy, and usually seen smoking a big tobacco cigar whose strong smell would attract human attention. They dwell on big trees and can be seen sitting there to people who are lucky or unlucky enough to see them. They wear invisibility belt so that humans won't see them. Kapre is supposed to hold a magical white stone, a little smaller in size than a quail egg that any person who happen to obtain this stone, the kapre could grant them wishes.

Kapres are romantic too. If a Kapre befriends any human, especially because of love, the Kapre will consistently follow its "love interest" throughout life. Also, if one is a friend of the Kapre then that person has the ability to see it and if they were to sit on it then any other person could see it. (Wikipedia)

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