20 weird things about me

by - June 07, 2009

I’m excited over a new copy of Buy and sell.

I love going to a home depot.

I always think I’m still 14 years old.

If I happen to like an author and her novels is a series, I would buy all the books first before I continue reading it.

I like Cristiano Ronaldo but I hate Manchester united.

I collect cookbooks but haven’t tried cooking yet.

I collect books about King Arthur and his legends but haven’t really read any of it.

I won’t write in my journal if I don’t have a purple gel pen and it has to be0.5.

I can eat yang chow with siomai for my lunch 5 days in a row.

I can read Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunters, Dream-Hunters and Were-Hunters series over and over again.

I have to make and write a wish three times for it to come true. (Only if I really, really want it.)

I believe that there is no good and no evil thing in life, but thinking makes it so.

I always cry at the ending of Never Been Kissed.

Witches and wizards are real.

I still make a wish on a star.

I go ecstatic at the sight of many books but not a library.

I believe that The Sphinx at Giza is telling us something we need to discover.

Fireworks can lift up my spirit.

I won’t eat Pez, which is absolutely my favorite candy, if it’s not in Snoopy Pez Dispenser.

All spaghettis are yummy.

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